Investment - Linked Solutions

  • An investment-linked solution is a Takaful life insurance policy which provides a combination of protection and investment.
  • Your premiums provide not Takaful life insurance coverage, but part of the funds will also be invested in specific investment funds of your choice.
  • You get to choose how to allocate your insurance premiums towards protection and investment according to your own financial needs.

We work closely with you to identify your individual wealth management goals and recommend the most appropriate solutions to achieve them (e.g. real estate investment opportunities, mutual funds, sukuk, tailored investments, Takaful solutions).

All you need to do is just select the solution that aligns with your plans for your family’s future. You also need to consider your expectations in terms of the targeted returns and time horizon (bearing in mind your own attitude to risk).


For more information about our Wealth Management Services and Solutions please contact your Prestige account relationship manager or alternatively you can contact our call center on 800 1111 if you are not Prestige account holder .

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