Barwa Bank,through the local QATCH system and its network of partner banks globally, is able to make and receive payments for you in a range of currencies.

Requests to make a single payment or set up a regular standing order on your behalf can be sent to us by:

Cut-off Times Manual (Paper Forms) E-Channels
ITEM Time Value Date  Time  Value Date
QAR Payments        
-          Within Barwa Bank   1.00pm Same Day   1.30pm Same Day
-          Other Local Banks 11.30am  Same Day 12.00pm Same Day
All GCC currencies   9.00am Same Day   9.30am Same Day
USD 12.00pm Same Day   1.00pm Same Day
EUR 12.00pm Same Day   1.00pm Same Day
GBP 12.00pm Same Day   1.00pm Same Day
All Other currencies 12.00pm Next Day   1.00pm Next Day
Salaries/Bulk Payments (QAR)   See note 5   1.00pm Next Day
Salaries/Bulk Payments (FCY)   See note 5   1.00pm Next Day

 Notes on Value Dating:

 1)      On Sundays & other International bank holidays same day value will not be available for applicable currencies.

2)      Instructions received after the cut off times will be processed on the following working day with indicated value dates.

3)      The Bank reserves the right to apply spot value(2 International working days) for any foreign currency transactions.

4)      Same day value is at sole discretion of the bank and assumes no liability or responsibility for loss or damage arising out of failure to deliver same day value.

5)      Instructions with 5 or more payments are considered as Bulk Payments/salary files and must be submitted as an electronic file (in the format required by the Bank) or via Corporate Internet Banking.

Tips to make payments faster & accurate

 1)      We encourage you to use our electronic channels for more convenient, safer, faster and accurate fund transfers in a cost effective manner. If manual paper forms are used always use the bank’s standard applications forms available on Barwa Bank website.

2)      Provide the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) as banks are increasingly relying on the IBAN numbers to accurately process transactions. For local payments IBAN is mandatory.

3)      Provide complete details of  beneficiary  and beneficiary bank

4)      Provide SWIFT codes/Routing Numbers/Sort Codes/IFSC codes as applicable.

5)      Clearly indicate the purpose of remittance to comply with Qatar Central Bank regulations.

6)      Have the transactions signed by the authorized signatories as per bank mandate.

7)      Ensure adequate cleared funds are available in the account to cover transfer amount plus bank charges.

8)      Clearly indicate whether the charges inside/outside Qatar are on account of applicant or beneficiary.